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Tibetan Healing Technique


    Tibetan Healing Technique- one to open the doors to spirituality. Knowledge, understanding, acceptance and self love are returning motivations of our world duality. Tibetan Healing Technique is the method by which these steps you can take in spiritual becoming a conscious way. Although it originated in the millennial tradition of Tibet, Tibetan Healing Technique is a technique perfectly adapted tumultuous life of modern society. Although Westerners are addressed today and tomorrow, Tibetan Healing Technique keep intact ancestral teachings of Tibetan monasteries kept, teachings transmitted directly from a master. Tibetan Healing Technique is the way that can improve our physical and mental health. Tibetan Healing Technique is the way our lives daily reunites with spirituality.

Tibetan Healing Technique is a method of healing and spiritual evolution (the two can not be separated) which focuses primarily on the purification of the physical-emotional and mental health, the healing process as a means of spiritual growth and spiritual evolution as a way of healing. In front of the daily suffering all we are looking for a way to be happy. Tibetan Healing Technique is one of those horses that is accessible to each of us if we make little effort to know. Does not require knowledge, physical condition, a state of great material, but sincere desire to be happy and healthy. It does not require blind faith in Master and technique, confidence is strengthening over time, following the obtained results, results that do not delay and often directly proportional to the effort of each. After being touched a health condition satisfactory start to show health of mind that we call joy, happiness, contentment, followed by states that we can not imagine anything we tell you about them, but are happiness on a sustainable and independent of external factors happiness that we all seek and once reached can no longer be taken by anyone or anything, even death.

We live in a world desperately poor in terms of spiritual, although we have all the necessary tools. Under stress, money and disease, no longer having time for what really matters to our lives. Let us lead by external things, we lose our identity, and eventually even the soul. Always expect help from the outside income, a push, a helping hand, advice, and often if you do not receive, let us wear life, manipulated and controlled by those around us, hoping integration. We think we need to be saved, but salvation is in the hands own. We are the gate that leads beyond the physical perception. The only thing that you need to do is find the necessary courage to step beyond your own gate threshold. 

Tibetan Healing Technique- is a millennial technique that originates in Tibet that cultivate physical, psychological and spiritual, combining rational knowledge and intuitive understanding of the body's energies. It is the legacy of ancestors, regarding harmonization with the forces of nature and return to practice natural, beneficial and known for body, mind and soul. An energetic technique that no risks, is natural and accessible.

Tibetan Healing Technique Effects

• It stimulates and balances the chakras function
• Detoxify stimulates the body's self-healing processes
• neutralizes or reduces physical pain and spiritual
• Increase the potential of vital energy, invigorate and vitalize
• Bring body function at optimum
• Helps cell regeneration and tissue after fractures, surgery, trauma
• Has a healing emotionally
• relieves stress and calms
• Correct negative mental and emotional patterns of behavior
• Helps ample manifestation and personality development
• Bring the surface and help the manifestation of fundamental human qualities.
• Life Support

According to Tibetan medicine, disease and mental body has two factors: First, the unstable mental and emotional processes. Feelings of stress coming from traumas suffered destabilizes report harmonic movement in the energy balance and balance of subtle energy system of the body. Each psychic tension accumulated plan will manifest in the physical body, representing psihosomatism this principle. In the background, eating habits and lifestyle unhealthy incorrect. For this reason, in view Tibetan Healing Technique healing has three conditions:

    clean energy circuits inside
    dissolving destructive mental associations
    establishment of food for each person

The complex process of healing is actually a spiritual evolution whose achievement can start by cleaning the body and emotions. The exercises learned in high degrees, aim to restore the balance health on many levels. After Tibetan Healing Technique teachings, we can not know our true nature as long as energy pathways are not conscious is clean and dirty. Exercising Tibetan Healing Technique , rinse the five elements that form the body. Along with changing mental energies: greed turns noble soul (earth element), envy in goodwill (water element), pride alone (fire element) mania in love (air element) and ignorance into wisdom (space element).

Showing Tibetan Healing Technique

The results achieved by the Tibetan Healing Technique are supported by scientific studies.

In one of the reference works, presented at the XVII International Conference of Transpersonal Psychology in Moscow, he noted that "- Regarding the personality traits were found significant positive changes regarding: ACCEPTANCE OF SELF , empathy and self-control.

   - Regarding the perception of health status, they found significant differences in positive terms: "HEALTH AWARENESS, MONITORING HEALTH, MOTIVATION TO BE HEALTHY, SELF-CONTROL OF HEALTH."

   - The final conclusion of scientific study was: "... a number of arguments have proven that Tibetan Healing Technique generates significant progress in developing psychological and spiritual practitioner, having indisputable curative virtues. This is why, despite the controversy, we believe that promoting this technique is welcome. "


 Healing implies a reorganization of the human being on all levels. This process includes using different energetic qualities. Once the balance is re-created on all levels with the Tibetan Healing Technique, one can notice a beneficial change in the quality of one’s life. As a result one grows healthier and becomes happier.
 If the techniques of the 1st level are systematically applied on ourselves and on others, we may become increasingly aware of the causes that created the diseases we suffer from, and we grow more and more conscious of the Karmic psychosomatic connections we are ruled by. We can’t separate spiritual development from the improvement of our state of health. In this way our spiritual achievement is perfectly mirrored by the well-being of our physical body, mental clarity and emotional harmony. When a chronic disease is treated with the 1st level technique, we will notice a fast improvement in the general health condition of the patient. However, as the disease was already deeply rooted into the psyche, a longer time or higher level techniques are necessary for a complete recovery on all levels. Sometimes, the energetic clogs and the toxins in the tissues are suddenly removed by the subtle energies of the Tibetan Healing Technique. The time of healing depends on age and the psychic condition of the patient, as well as on how much the patient is willing to change something in his lifestyle, and last but not least, on the Karma of the patient, which is his capability of receiving the healing energy.

The actual healing always requires the conscious contribution of the patient during the healing process. A patient who wants to improve the quality of his life at all levels starts on the fascinating path of knowledge, which involves influences from past existences and the purification of the subtle elements which create the present embodiment. The impurities of the subtle elements, which manifest themselves in a personality disorder can be transformed in this way:
-  The restructuring of the Earth element in the body entails the transformation of avidity into altruism
-  The purification of the Water element in the body entails the transformation of envy into kindness
-  The stimulation of the Fire element in the body entails the transformation of pride into humbleness
-  Restoring the Air element in the body entails the transformation of hate into love
 - Following the recovery of the Space element’s full potential, wisdom will replace ignorance
Achieving these stages gradually facilitates experiencing the pure nature of consciousness (Rigpa) which is the absolute state of health. 
  • reduces the stress of nerves
  • corrects negative mental and emotional states
  • special techniques help reduce addiction/substance abuse (smoking, alcohol, drugs)
  • supports the self-healing process of the body
  • helps the healing process and the regeneration of the body’s organs and tissues, egg. after surgery or prolonged illness
  • removal of cysts, kidney- and gallstones, without surgery
  • helps in the treatment of cancer
  • completely removes or alleviates pain
  • increases the vitality supply; has refreshing, stimulating effects
  • expands human values and enhances personality

With the help of this traditional Tibetan method you can achieve efficient results in healing headaches, migraines, thyroid problems, arthritis, cartilages, spinal pain; cardiac, circulatory and digestive disorders, menstrual cycle deviations, neurological problems, depression, and the list is ongoing.

The spiritual seeker of the 21st century is not satisfied only with theoretical information; for him, real knowledge means knowing how to act in order to improve the quality of his life. Each aspect of modern lifestyle implies efficiency, success and due to this it’s possible to improve the quality of life and surpass our limits.

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